Catch Me If You Can

by Ifeoluwa Babatunde

As a riveting and thought-provoking novella that raises insightful questions and keeps you guessing until the very end, Catch Me If You Can is a unique addition to the world of suspense that will spark your imagination and leave you with something to ponder. Grab your copy now!

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He gave her a choice: turn her back on her only friendship, or let her demons run free.

Quiet, shy, and reserved, first generation Nigerian American Victoria is used to not having many friends. But when she stumbles into a suave and charming boy called Eli at school, she senses something different in him. He makes her feel good about herself, and he quietens the mental illness that lurks just below the surface of her awareness.

But Eli is hiding a dark secret – and when Victoria discovers his morbid hobby, it catapults her into making an impossible decision that will follow her for the rest of her life. As she spirals deeper into a sinister pact that involves unleashing destructive inner urges, Victoria is faced with difficult questions about life, morality, and murder.

But they can’t escape detection forever. As the Law closes in, Victoria’s mental state teeters on the brink – and her life is about to unravel forever…

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Catch Me If You Can is a unique and thrilling suspense novella that tackles themes of mental illness and murder. When the shy and quiet Nigerian American student Victoria stumbles into Eli at school, a friendship begins to blossom that pierces her loneliness and quietens the mental illness that lurks just beneath her awareness. But when she uncovers a shocking secret about Eli, it forces her into an impossible choice that will change her life forever.

Ropes into a morbid pact to unleash their destructive urges and bring death to innocent victims, Victoria spirals into a twisted cycle of murder and mayhem. With Eli by her side, the pair feel unstoppable. But their actions can’t go unnoticed for long, and as the Law begins to close in on their trail, Victoria grows increasingly unstable. Her mental state teeters on the brink – and it will only take one small push to tip her over the edge.

Perfect for anybody who loves through-provoking suspense novellas that are filled with twists and turns, (book name) is an imaginative read that will satisfy morbid curiosities and leave you with something to ponder.

About the Author

Ifeoluwa Babatunde is a passionate author and dedicated wordsmith who loves to craft gripping stories that force readers to think. As a Senior Data Analyst and college professor by day and a writer by night, Ifeoluwa enjoys nothing more than a good thriller or horror novel, and she hopes to capture her readers’ imaginations with exhilarating books that are intertwined with thought-provoking themes. Ifeoluwa is the author of her debut novel, Causality. A first-generation Nigerian American and current PhD student, she enjoys reading mysteries, psychological thrillers, and all things horror.

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